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Is a bright and Bold Orange right for your home?

Here are some tips that hopefully would help you to make your choice:

A bright and bold Orange is such an exciting color that can make a lot of impact in your home. However, it is not for every home and therefore it is not an easy color to pull off in a room. Here are few tips to keep in mind if you want to go for this choice:

1. Usually a bold orange will work well with those who have modern and contemporary style

2. Use the color as an accent wall combined with a neutral hue such as brown, grey or cream hues and keep the accessories limited like the pictures I have pulled below. Too many walls in a bright orange will look heavy and you will get tired of the color quickly

3. Some people incorporate bold orange furniture in their spaces although as a designer, I would go for options that would be used for the long term. Buying new furniture when the colors is out of trend or you want to change environment, would be easier to do it through painting a wall and bring the right accessories to wow the room

4. For traditional style, I would recommend going for a lighter hue that has some brown pigment in it. It would give the room a cozy and sophisticated-looking mood

5. It can be tough to tell from a small chip if your chosen paint color is going to look good on a larger scale, so before committing we can help you to select the right color that will impact your home with a relative small amount of money.

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