How To Turn Your Bathroom Remodeling Dream Into Reality

1- Plan it: It is important not only that your bathroom looks beautiful, bigger and brighter but functional. Think about how you wish to use the space and include other members of the family who will use the bathroom to provide ideas and feedback.

In case you’re having a hard time setting a plan in place, hire a contractor and ask their advice.

2- Commit to the plan once project started: Try to commit with your plan until the end unless a change is needed. Changing it once the renovation has started will increase your cost and extend the project further out.

In our bath renovation below we worked with existing plumbing to have separate areas for bath-tub and shower room (See Before & After photos). Rerouting plumbing would increase significantly the cost of your project.

3- Hire a Professional Contractor: Don’t let price be your guide on this one. There are many contractors in the market but not everybody has the capacity to carry on your project with the highest standard of integrity. Also, If they can not offer a clear vision of the design of your bathroom such as material/colors combination, that's a clear signs that you should look for another contractor. A contractor should be able to answer your questions satisfactorily and in a manner that puts you at ease.

4- Design with the future in mind: For those who are thinking of putting their home up for sale in the mid-term, consider having your home renovated for that purpose with materials that are timeless and appealing to any kind of buyers. A good contractor should be able to provide advice on this matter as well.

The Bathroom below was renovated by DM Deco Design for a young couple who plans to move to a bigger house once they have kids. We kept the contemporary vanity they had but upgraded the space with materials that would appeal to buyers now or in the future:

5- Plan a lighting scheme. Installing sufficient light in your bathroom is key. I love to combine LED recessed lights with wall sconces beside or over the mirror. It gives a touch of elegance to the space and whenever it’s too bright, you can turn off one of the lights or lower the lights through use of dimmer switches.

In the photo below our team added 6 recessed lights and a vertical window to a windowless bathroom. It give a brother look and added natural light to the space (see "Before & After" tab for more photos):

6- Strategically mix affordable with high-end materials. You will be surprised how luxurious your bathroom will look by using different level of materials and finishes. In some of our projects we used subway tile with marble and the effect is a WOW Factor.

7- Think about converting your tub to a shower: We have seen a trend of converting tub to a shower area as homeowners don't use it (See "Before & After" tab for more photos on this bathroom transformation).

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